Poetry topic idea: isolation

Today’s poetry topic idea is isolation.  In the current situation, isolation is something many people are experiencing.  Because of this, it might be helpful to write poetry about it.  A poet could write about:

  • What it’s like to be isolated. What it’s like not to see other people.

  • Not being able to go out. This could be related to human interactions or not being able to go places or get things.

  • Boredom.

  • What it like to avoid people, for example when someone delivers something.

  • Worrying about running out of things because they can’t be purchased or ordered.

  • What will happen when isolation is over. A poet could write about the first things they want to do.

  • The purpose of isolation.


Here is an example poem using the idea of isolation:

it’s almost like
a movie with magic
where the heroes find
that they can defeat the monster
only by being apart

Artwork to inspire poetry: Gala apple

Gala apple

Above is an artwork of a Gala apple.  It was made by computer altering a photograph of an apple.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

an apple before
didn’t seem to have much value
but now
when you can’t find someone to deliver them
and you’re too concerned to go to the store
the little fruit
seems to have more worth

Poem with an explanation: The Plight of the Orange Spheres

behind the glass
nothing felt safe
the lion roared


This poem has three layers.

The first layer is just the poem itself and what it literally says.  In the poem, someone or some group is behind glass and they don’t feel safe from a lion.

The second layer, describes the literal situation more fully.  In the poem there are goldfish (orange spheres) that are in an aquarium.  They are afraid of a cat (lion) that is outside and wants to get them.

The third layer, relates to the coronavirus.  People are in their homes (behind glass), but don’t feel safe (nothing felt safe), from the virus (the lion).

The idea of the poem was to present three ideas with the same concept.

Poem: Will it seem real?

Think about this.

One day
when all this is over
and life returns to normal
years later
they will write about this
in history books.

Your children
or grandchildren
will read about it.

Think back
to the things you read
in history books.

Did it come through?
Did it seem real?

Did some sentence that said
some drastic thing
really sink in?

One day
this will be in history books.

What will they say?

Will it come through?

Will it seem real?

Think about
describing all of this
to someone
who wasn’t alive yet
twenty years from now.

Will it come through?

Will it seem real?