A photograph to inspire poetry: A Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

One way to find inspiration for poetry is through photographs.  An image, even if it is simple, can have many interpretations and inspire different emotions.  A poet can feel a variety of emotions depending on the image and how it is viewed.

This example is a photograph of a wild strawberry.

One way to find inspiration for poetry through this photograph would be to focus on elements such as light, nature, spring, water, greenness, life and other similar points.  This could make for a variety of interesting poems.  There are, however, other ways to find inspiration from a photograph like this.

One subtle point about a photograph of a wild strawberry is how a wild strawberry differs from a “regular” strawberry, or one that is sold in stores.  A wild strawberry is unnoticed, it is unused by people, it is often mowed over.  A regular strawberry is cultivated, cared for and seen as a treat by people.  This distinction and the metaphors that it can represent can help inspire poetry.  The following is an example.


In fields there are two kinds of fruit that grow,
and both of them do share alike a name,
they are the small strawberry fruits we know,
and how we speak at first they seem the same.

They both are red and grow on vines of green,
and both have seeds that cover the outside,
they both are plants that our eyes have seen,
and both are plants that with their sight don’t hide.

Yet one of these strawberry plants we see,
as something that we might do seek to plant,
the other kind though it might wish to flee,
the mower blades that spin and cut what can’t.

The regular strawberry plant we grow,
the wild one with spinning blades we mow.

The differences between the strawberries in this poem can represent a variety of metaphors depending on how the poet and reader views it.  This poem is one kind of inspiration that can be drawn from this photograph.  There are clearly many other kinds.

Please feel free to let this photograph help inspire a poem.