Experimental Poetry Form: Symmetry

Lines: 8
Rhyming pattern: TRRTTRRT
Syllables per line: 8

Stressed = S
Unstressed = U

This experimental poetry form is characterized by symmetry.  There is a symmetry of stresses in each line (SUUS/SUUS) and this same symmetry is in the rhyming pattern (TRRT/TRRT).

Here is an example poem:

Quickly it closed against the wood,
except it was slowly pulled shut,
indeed its force formed a small rut,
not as the past exclaimed it should.
Because the wind blew there it could,
loudly close it, the way so cut,
forcefully closing the way but,
not as the thought closing it would.

One aspect of this experimental poetry form is a compromise between prose and lyricism.  The form is not written as a prose paragraph would be, but it does not have as much flow as a more lyrical meter pattern might have.  It is somewhere in between.  This experimental poetry form is useful in situations where a poet wants a poem to have this meter quality: somewhere in between prose and lyricism.

Please feel free to use this experimental poetry form to write a poem.