Poetry topic idea: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is an interesting poetry topic idea partially because of the sensory items that can be in a poem about it.  Peanut butter’s texture, smell, taste and appearance can all be used in a peanut butter based poem.  As an example, the following is an ode, in the form of a ballad, about peanut butter:

It’s thick, light brown, with golden form,
and has a taste that’s sweet,
it shines so smooth and uniform,
and is so good to eat.

The peanut taste is so creamy,
and tastes so good on bread,
and it tastes good on celery,
and with jelly that’s red.


In addition to the sensory items discussed here, there are other sensory items that could be related to peanut butter and used in a poem.  There are also other ideas about peanut butter that can be poetry topics such as broader ideas or symbolism.

Please feel free to use peanut butter, and the ideas about it discussed here, as a poetry topic idea.