Poem with an explanation: The Spider

The spider ran and hid,
away from its own web,
to hide from eyes that saw,

and with such haste it did,
for it did fear the neb,
as it did hear the caw,

behind a branch it slid,
for fear its health would ebb,
as it was stunned with awe.


The above poem uses the experimental poetry form Three that was described in the April 26, 2014 blog post of this blog.  The form can be reviewed here: Experimental Poetry Form: Three

This poem is about a spider hiding from a bird.  The image is of a spider on a branch.  The spider is seen by a bird and runs and hides behind another branch so that it will not be eaten.  One point about the poem is that the spider was willing to leave its web for the sake of its safety.  The implication is that the web might in some way be lost to the spider as a result of its hiding but that this was worth it to the spider so that it could avoid the bird.