A photograph to inspire poetry: Cocoon


Above is a photograph of a cocoon on a citrus tree.  This photograph is intended to inspire poetry.  One aspect of it that can be an inspiration for a poem is the idea of camouflage.  The cocoon is camouflaged to look very much like the tree.  Here is an example of a poem inspired by that idea:

Upon the tree with citrus smell,
the small cocoon did blend away,
without intent no eyes could tell,
that it was there right in the day.

The small cocoon was brown and dark,
with lines that looked so much like wood,
it seemed just like a branch with bark,
as if it felt it thought it should.

It seemed as though that it did hide,
from all that might wish to seek it,
and in that time its time it’d bide,
as by the tree it’d hope it’d fit.

The small cocoon did blend away,
and hid upon the citrus tree,
and on the tree it does so stay,
until the form from it is free.

Please feel free to use this photograph as inspiration for a poem.