A Poem: Lunch

The zucchini is washed and set aside,
and then a squash is cleaned and set with it.
Mushrooms are washed and set with them as well.
The top of the green zucchini is cut,
and the bottom is cut away also.
The same is done to the pale yellow squash.
The zucchini is cut into slices,
and then the cleaned mushrooms are split in fours.
The seeds of the pale squash are cut away,
and it is cut into half circle forms.
Olive oil is poured into the pan,
and it heats up, but only to a point,
and when it’s warm the vegetables go in,
and they are stirred with a spoon made of wood.
As they do cook a tomato is found.
It too is washed and then it’s cut in half.
The halves are cut and the small seeds removed,
and then it goes into the cooking pan.
The vegetables are stirred as they do cook,
with heat that’s low so that they will not burn,
and then olives are got and cut in parts,
with the green fruit cut from the hard small seeds.
The olives are then put into the pan,
and mixed around with the cut vegetables.
They cook some time until they are not raw,
and then they’re poured on to a white clean plate.
The filled white plate is then set down for lunch.