Poetry topic idea: Dried cranberries

There are a number of things about dried cranberries that can serve as poetry ideas.  As with other topics, dried cranberries can be used literally in poetry or can give ideas for broader topics.

One point about dried cranberries is their appearance.  Dried cranberries are small and dark red.  From a positive point of view, a dried cranberry can be viewed to have a positive appearance and be seen as similar to a small jewel.  Alternatively, a dried cranberry’s appearance can be viewed negatively, in the sense that it is dried from its former form.

A second point about dried cranberries is their taste.  Fresh cranberries are very sour.  Presumably dried cranberries that are not sugared would be sour too.  Sugar can improve the flavor of dried cranberries.  This idea can be used in poetry, by focusing on the idea, that with an addition, something is changed.

A third point about dried cranberries is that they are not raisins.  From a poetry point of view, dried cranberries can be viewed as something that are an alternative to what is traditional (in the sense that raisins can be viewed as a traditional dried fruit).  This aspect, like the appearance of the dried cranberry, can be viewed either positively or negatively, depending on perspective.

In addition to the three ideas above, there are also other points about dried cranberries that can be used in writing poetry.

Please feel free to use dried cranberries, and the ideas about them discussed here, as a poetry topic idea.