Poetry topic idea: Granite

Granite can be an interesting poetry topic idea because of the range of topics from the fundamental to the familiar.

In a fundamental sense, a poet could focus on the geology associated with granite.  Although what a poet could write would be influenced by the amount of knowledge in the subject area the poet has, even with little specific knowledge a poet could still write about things such as rocks, stones and mountains.  A poet could focus on ideas of geologic time or things like volcanoes.  A poet could use the formation of granite as a metaphor for other things.

In a place that is between the fundamental and the familiar, a poet could focus on granite’s attributes.  Granite could be looked at as having strength and resistance.  A poet could write about the time it has lasted and the conditions it has and can endure.  Alternatively, a poet could write about granite’s weakness under certain conditions.

In a familiar sense a poet could look at the uses of granite.  A poet could examine something mundane such as counter tops, or something with depth such as tomb stones.  In this sense, granite can be used metaphorically, and/or in terms of a setting.  For example, a poet could write about someone in a kitchen with a granite countertop and draw a simile between the person and the stone (ex. the person was as resilient as the countertop).  Or, a poet could write about someone at a funeral and draw a contrast between that person and a granite tomb stone (ex. the person did not have the strength of the stone).

Granite is an interesting poetry topic idea because of the range of ideas from fundamental subjects to more familiar subjects.  Starting with granite as a poetry topic idea can allow a poet to explore a variety of subjects.