Artwork to inspire poetry: The orange chair

The Orange Chair

Above is a piece of artwork the can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by this artwork:

The orange chair is upon the rug, within the room with the wood floor.  It’s large and soft with a frame of wood inside.  The outside is cloth – not leather.  It is not the shiny cloth.  The kind that almost seems oily.  It is regular cloth.  Cloth with little lines sown in it.  The chair fits.  It fits on the rug.  It fits in the room.  Its color fits.  Orange seems right.  Behind the chair is a wall.  It’s covered in plaster.  Real plaster.  On lathe strips.  It’s painted orange.  A light orange.  A faint orange.  The wall, the floor, the rug.  They fit.  They fit with the chair.  The orange chair.

The oak leaf sits,
upon the tree,
within the forest.