Post Series: The Orange Series

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there are a number of types of posts, including:

Experimental poetry forms,
Poetry topic ideas,
Artwork to inspire poetry,
Poems with explanations, and
Photographs to inspire poetry.

As of yesterday’s post, each of these types of posts has had ten posts each. In light of this milestone, a new type of set of posts will be added.

The next six posts, with the exclusion of Monday’s post (which will have a poem from M. Sakran’s collection of poetry entitled First Try), will be part of a post series. While there have been series’ of poems on this blog, there has not been a series that encompassed different types of posts. This will be the first of that type of series.

This series will be The Orange Series. The Orange Series will focus on orange and orange will in some way influence each of the next six posts (with the exclusion of Monday). There will be one post each from each of the types of posts listed above.

Please enjoy The Orange Series.