Post Series: The Orange Series: Poem with an explanation: The orange wing

The orange wing

The lake is deep and filled up high,
with liquid that does slowly flow,
and makes small waves as wind does blow,
and seems to hold onto the shore,
as it does move without a strain.
The liquid is so bright and thick,
and seems as if the sun was put,
within the lake as it did set,
as if it did so fill the lake,
and turn the blue to orange light.
Above the lake a bird does fly,
and tips its shape as it does sail,
through the clear air and toward the plane,
of the bright lake that is below.
And as it sails its wing does dip,
into the lake that is below,
and with a peace it lifts the light,
onto its wing as it does sail,
and flies into the light blue sky.
The orange wing does move about,
upon an arc that’s in the air,
and then above the soft white snow,
it sails again as it does dip.
And when the wing does touch the snow,
the orange light does fill it all,
and makes the snow glow in the day.


This is a metaphorical poem based on imagery.  It is written in iambic tetrameter, with no intentional rhyming.  The metaphor is based upon an inkwell filled with orange paint, that an artist dips a brush into and then paints on a canvas.  The lake represents the inkwell, the liquid in the lake represents the paint, the bird’s wing represents the brush, and the snow represents the canvas.