Post Series: The Tea Series: Poem with an explanation: Times


7:12 am – The kettle boils.  Water is poured upon a bag.  A spoon of sugar.  Stirring.  Waiting two minutes.  Drinking with an egg.

7:45 am – A press on the handle.  Into the same blue mug.  Today – a green bag.  From the drawer.  Wait three minutes.  A little packet is poured.  Sipping.

12:03 pm – A bottle from the cooler.  The label is missing.  Bright gold and translucent.  It has lemon.  The first of the week.

3:04 pm – Same as 7:45 am

8:00 pm – Quiet.  An old movie – film noir.  1940s – a dark alley.  That music.  Peppermint- not a flavor – an actual one dropped in the cup – why not?  Relaxing.


This poem follows an imaginary person as they go through a work day.  Each time noted is a time when the person is drinking tea.  The poem is written as a schedule to add interest to the form.

The times chosen were meant to impart a sense of realism, as if they were the actual times the events happened.  Each time was written with short lines, as if someone was simply writing down what was happening, as it was happening.

In the poem, the word “tea” is not actually mentioned, however, the context is intended to make the idea of tea obvious.

In some sense, the descriptions are meant to express the mundane and the routine.  The implication is that the imaginary person goes through this basic routine each work day, with different moments of variation, such as deciding to have the green bag of tea at 7:45 am.