Poetry Book: First Try: A series of poems: Poem six: The surface is chipped

The sixth poem from M. Sakran’s collection of poetry entitled First Try, published by eLectio Publishing, is below.  First Try is available here:


The surface is chipped

The surface is chipped and broken away,
a weight fell down during the day,
the smooth is gone beneath is rough,
the surface seemed strong it did seem tough,
but not as tough as the weight did weigh.

The surface seemed strong like it would stay,
but the cost of the weight it could not pay,
the surface it did not have enough,
the surface is chipped.

As the weight did fall the surface did say,
that it could not move from the way,
the weight did fall and that seemed guff,
the pieces broke and now were stuff,
around the surface they all did lay,
the surface is chipped.


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