A photograph to inspire poetry: The Purple Berries

The Purple Berries

This is a photograph of purple berries.  The photograph is intended to inspire poetry.  Many ideas related to poems could come from this photograph.  For example, a poet could focus on the color of the berries as a starting point.  Additionally, a poet could focus on whether the berries were edible or not.  A poet could also focus on the way the berries are grouped.

Here is an example poem inspired by this photograph.

The Purple Berries

The small purple berries,
that are bright and shine,
appear each year,
during the Fall.

The small purple berries,
grow on vines,
under the trees,
in the shade.

The berries look nice,
but if they can be eaten,
is unknown –
  the answer is probably no.

Something must eat the berries,
maybe birds,
maybe some type of insect,
maybe something else.