Poem with an explanation: Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Cooked diced chicken,
Sliced pepperoncini peppers,
Sliced black olives,
Sliced green olives,
Whole brined capers,
Crumbled feta cheese,
Powdered parmesan cheese,
Ground sea salt,
Ground black pepper,
Bright olive oil,
Fresh lemon juice,


Shredded carrot,
Cherry tomatoes,
Yellow pepper,
Red pepper,
Romaine lettuce,




This poem is a recipe for a chicken salad.  While a recipe may not be generally be thought of as a poem, this one is meant to be one.

The main reason it is a poem, in addition to being a recipe, is that its purpose is to create imagery and a sense of hunger, rather than just convey information.  The idea of it is not just to provide a recipe for a chicken salad, but more to have the reader imagine the chicken salad, see it in their minds, imagine the taste, and feel a sense of hunger.

In addition to this, it also has a sense of poetry form.  It is divided into five stanzas.  The first stanza has lines of three words each, the second of one word each, the third of two words each, the fourth of one word each, and the fifth stanza has one word.  Also, the second and fourth stanzas are identical.  Additionally, the first stanza has lines that follow a pattern of two adjectives and then a noun, the second and fourth stanzas are verbs, the third stanza has a pattern of an adjective and then a noun in each line, and the last stanza is a noun.

The idea of this poem is provide a creative view of a poem by having a poem that is also a recipe.