Artwork to inspire poetry: Grapevine


The last photograph to inspire poetry on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things was The Purple Berries.  This artwork to inspire poetry is related to that photograph.  The artwork derives three colors from the photograph: purple from the berries, green from the living leaves, and brown from the leaves/soil on the ground.  The three colors were used to create an artwork of grapes on a vine.  The purple berries in some way resemble grapes on a vine and led to the inspiration for that artwork.

This artwork can inspire poetry in two ways.  The first way is from the artwork itself.  The idea of grapes on a vine can be an inspiration for a poem.  The second way is to focus on how the inspiration for the artwork was developed.  This artwork derived its colors and form from something else.  This idea of drawing from one thing to create another thing can be useful in poetry.  In the same way that the colors for the artwork were derived from a photograph, a poet could derive poetry elements from things that they observe.  For example, a poet might see a grapevine with its long vines with clusters, and be inspired to write a poem that trails, with bursts of emphasis.