A Poem: a flower

The flowers were right in the grove,
and were upon the grave,
and as the time did travel by,
their form they could not save.

The wind did come and blow on by,
and then the rain did fall,
the sun did shine with heat and light,
and cause some pain to all.

The flowers moved within the wind,
and rain washed them away,
the sun dried out what life there was,
and there they could not stay.

And then one day a boy did walk,
and went in to the grove,
he saw the stone with chiseled words,
and then his thoughts did rove.

As he did think of the past nights,
and stories that were read,
he thought the stone did seem too gray,
and went inside instead.

Within his room the boy did cry,
as he thought of the past,
he got the book that she did read,
the time he saw her last.

He took the book and set it down,
and opened it right then,
within he found a flower pressed,
right after chapter ten.

He took it out and wondered how,
the flower it got there,
but then he smelled its light bright sent,
and then he did not care.

He took it then right in his hand,
and walk out through the door,
he went into the shaded grove,
where he had been before.

He took the flower that he held,
and set it on the stone,
and thought that she would like it there,
for he felt not alone.


This poem is a continuation of the poem flowers that was posted to this blog on August 4, 2014.  The poem can be read here: flowers.