A photograph to inspire poetry: Creature on a citrus leaf

Creature on a citrus leaf

The above is a photograph of what appears to be a caterpillar or snail type creature on a citrus leaf.  What appears to be a trail made by this, or a similar creature, is above it.

This photograph can inspire poetry in a number of ways.

One way is to focus on the idea of the unseen.  This small creature is difficult to see, unless it is being looked for or it happens to be noticed.  There are many things which can seem to share this type of trait.  Anything that can be thought of that is normally not noticed, can be a basis for a poem.

The little creature almost looks like it has a shell or a helmet (the darker brown area).  This could be associated with defense.  This could inspire a poem about the different types of defenses people can have to different situations.

Another poetry inspiring idea from this photograph, is the idea of focusing on the background.  It is possible, that when someone sees this photograph, that they will focus on the creature.  Additionally, they may also focus on the leaf.  But some, may not focus at all, on the grass.  A poet could use this concept to help write a poem.  A poet could either think of or look at a situation, and instead of writing a poem about the central focus of it, they could write a poem about something in the background.