Poem with an explanation: The Lake

The Lake

The water flowed with speed,
down from the waterfall,
and down into the lake.

But then as if with need,
the lava did not stall,
but caused the lake to quake.

The lake did then recede,
as clouds of steam grew tall,
as it did heat and shake.


The poem above utilizes the first experimental poetry form that was posted to M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  It was posted on April 26, 2014.  The experimental poetry form was entitled Three and can be seen here: Three.

The poem above is symbolic of the process of boiling water.  The symbolism is through the metaphor of a lake filling, then being heated by lava, then having water in the lake turn to steam.  It follows the process of a pot filling with water, then the pot heating, and then the water boiling.