Artwork to inspire poetry: Night sky

Night sky

The above artwork is entitled Night sky.  It can be clicked on to see it larger.  The artwork can inspire poetry in a variety of ways.

One way it can inspire poetry, is by inspiring a poet to go and look at the actual night sky.  The night sky is filled with many things that could inspire poetry.

Secondly, a poet could look at the artwork and see shapes in the patterns of the stars.  These shapes could inspire poetry.

Additionally, this artwork could inspire general poetry about space, stars, ideas of vastness and the universe.

A poet looking closely at the artwork (in a larger size), may notice four planets depicted.  Seeing them, a poet could, for example, be inspired to write a poem about the relationship between the planets and the stars.

Also, a poet might notice the relative brightness of different stars and use this as a poetry inspiration.

A poet could, seeing the artwork, be inspired to write a poem comparing the ideas of emptiness and being filled, as different portions of the artwork have objects and some do not.

In addition to these ideas, there are many other poetry inspirations that could be inspired by this artwork.