Artwork to inspire poetry: Jack-o-lanterns


The above is an artwork to inspire poetry.  It is a photograph of two carved jack-o-lanterns from Halloween.

This artwork can inspire poetry in a variety of ways.

First, they could inspire a poet to generally write about Halloween.  Halloween is a very broad topic, and this artwork might help a poet to focus on a jack-o-lantern themed poem.

Secondly, they could inspire a poet to compare two sides of something.  The jack-o-lantern on the left has a pleasant face, while the one on the right has a scary face.  Although they are both jack-o-lanterns, they contrast.  A poet could use this idea and be inspired to write about situations with a similar quality.

Thirdly, a poet could see the carved pumpkins and be inspired to write a poem personifying them.  A poet could write a poem expressing their imagined personalities and feelings.

In addition to these ideas, there are also a variety of other poetic inspirations that could come from this artwork.