Experimental Poetry Form: Free verse and one word rhymes

This experimental poetry form is a combination of free verse and one word rhymes.  The form has twenty lines that alternate a free verse line with a one word line.  The one word lines should be indented.  Each of the one word lines rhymes with each other.  None of the free verse lines rhyme with any other line (at least by intention).  Additionally, each free verse line, is only one line, and does not carry over.  Also each free verse line should be able to be a line on its own, rather than having to flow into the one word line after it, although the lines should flow together in some way and make sense.

Below is an example poem that demonstrates the form:

The morning started with a dog in his bed,
then he saw the light of the sun through the trees,
and a squirrel running around,
In a tree he heard a bird,
in a willow that hung down,
In the distance he saw deer eating grass,
and a frog sitting in a pond,
And as the morning seemed to flow,
he thought he should stay where he was,
in his warm soft bed,

The idea of the form is to add emphasis to the rhyming words.  It should sound different than if the rhyming words were at the ends of the free verse lines, and or if there was more than one rhyme.