A photograph to inspire poetry: The little orange bug

The little orange bug

Above is a photograph of a little orange bug on some leaves.  This photograph can inspire poetry in a number of ways.  One way that it can inspire poetry is through the idea of curiosity.

There is something curious about the bug.  It is unusual in shape and color.  It stands out against the leaves.  It moves in an unusual way.  What is the bug like?  What kind of bug is it?  What is it doing on the leaves?  Why is it orange?

The general curiousness of the bug, and the questions that in can raise, can be the inspiration for a poem.

Here is an example haiku:

The strange orange form,
walked with odd movement on leaves –
 from its near space ship?

This poem humorously reflects the curiousness of the bug, by questioning if it might be an alien.  This is one example of a poem that could be inspired by this photograph.

In addition to the idea of curiosity, there are other ideas and poetic inspirations that could be developed from this photograph of the little orange bug.