Experimental Poetry Form: Alphabetical order rhyme

In the following experimental poetry form, there are eight lines.  Each line has eight syllables.  There is no meter in the lines.  The last word of each line rhymes.  The rhyming words are in alphabetical order.  Indentions can be used as needed.

The idea of this form, is to see how an additional restriction on a basic form (one stanza, eight lines, eight syllables per line, each line rhymes) can affect the form.  Here is an example poem to demonstrate the form:

The attic

The attic was so high away,
like it wanted to keep at bay,
  but then there came a sound one day,
  when into it there flew a jay,
   this happened on the tenth of May,
  and it fluttered, but not in play,
and so below one could not stay,
but had to climb up the high way.