A photograph to inspire poetry: Squash


The above is a photograph of a squash growing on a plant.

One poetic inspiration that could come from this photograph would be the idea of food.  One day, potentially, this squash could be eaten.  It could be part of a meal.  There are a lot of poems that could be written about meals.  They could be written about the meal itself, or using the meal as a setting for something else.

Another poetic idea that could be inspired by this photograph, would be the idea of things that can go wrong.  Before this squash is ready to be eaten by a person, a lot could happen to it to prevent that.  It could be eaten by insects, or get a disease, or freeze.  There are many situations in life that are like this: some goal that has a lot of potential obstacles.  This idea could inspire a poem.

Another thought about this squash is the idea of benefit.  This squash has a benefit to the plant as a means of producing seeds and it has a benefit to people and animals that may want to eat the squash.  One the one hand these two sides (the plant and those that want to eat the squash) could have a symbiotic relationship.  Because something eats the squash, the seeds may eventually be planted.  In another sense though, the two sides could seem in conflict.  Who is the squash supposed to benefit: the plant or whatever eats the squash?  In some philosophical sense, why was the squash grown?  Both of these ideas, symbiotic relationships and relationships that raise a question of who is a benefit for, could be starting points for a poem.