A Poem: The little dog

The little dog he ran and jumped,
and barked and romped and played,
and he had fun in the cool air,
as a big mess he made.

He dug the ground and kicked the leaves,
and ran around the trees,
he pulled up flowers by their roots,
and scared off all the bees.

He ran into some small bushes,
and dug them out the ground,
and then he ran through the raked leaves,
because he liked the sound.

But then the dog he ran right to,
the side of the wood fence,
and got into the thorn filled vines,
which grew so wide and dense.

The thorn filled vines they wrapped around,
the little playing dog,
and got into his thick brown fur,
and there they seemed to clog.

The thorn filled vines wrapped more and more,
and tangled they became,
the little dog then cried and whelped,
with fear he did exclaim.

From in the house some ears did hear,
the sound of the poor dog,
yet what was wrong with him out there,
did seem unclear like fog.

Then she got up and got a coat,
and put on some warm gloves,
and went outside to find the sound,
and help him that she loves.

She saw the dog caught in the vine,
when she walked to the fence,
and she did cry at what she saw,
and it made her feel tense.

She held the dog who looked at her,
with tears in his brown eyes,
and said to him that she would help,
and he thought she was wise.

With her gloved hands she pulled the vines,
as thorns stuck in the cloth,
and made small holes right into them,
like those made by a moth.

She felt the thorns go in her hands,
but this caused her no pains,
the only grief that she did feel,
was for the dog in chains.

After some time more vines were pulled,
and they took out some fur,
but the poor dog just sat there still,
and looked with hope at her.

The last of the long vines with thorns,
was finally pulled away,
the little dog did seem so glad,
as there he did so stay.

The little dog did look at her,
who pulled out all the vines,
and licked her face with a smile,
for she pulled out the bines.

Then she who helped, did pet the dog,
and said he was okay,
he looked at her with sudden glee,
and then he ran to play.