Experimental Poetry Form: One hundred feet

This experimental poetry form is a prose-like poem that is written in iambic meter and consists of one hundred feet.  There are two ideas behind the form.  The first is to see how the three restrictions of having a poem in a prose like form, written in iambic meter, and with one hundred feet affects the presentation of ideas in the poem.  The idea is that the restrictions may inspire creativity.  The second idea behind the form, is that it is somewhat of a hidden form.  If a reader did not consciously check, they may not notice that the prose poem was written in iambic meter.  Since the poem would not have the line breaks of some other poetry forms, this fact about it may be hidden.  More so, if a reader was not aware of it, if they did notice that the poem was written in iambic meter, they might not notice that it has one hundred feet.  The idea behind this is to see if a poem seems different to readers, when they might not notice all the aspects of the form that it has.

Here is an example poem written in this form:

Holiday Food

Two days before the holiday arrived, the list of food came out: one roasted turkey with some sage, and cornbread dressing on the side, a sauce made from red cranberries and steamed green beans with butter sauce.

One day before the holiday, the mom worked hard and she prepared it all.  She cleaned the bird and chopped the bread; she snapped the beans and sliced small berries too.

Then on the day she cooked.

And as all ate she had a sense of joy.