Poem with an explanation: Vacation

The house was left at five am one day,
and all did go with bags into the car,
they settled in and then they drove away,
and drove to the fun place that seemed so far.

Inside the car they talked of joy and fun,
and all that they would see and do so soon,
they hoped the drive they took would soon be done,
as they drove out beneath the morning moon.

Behind the bars there was a cloud of dark,
and like a fog a silence filled the place,
and as time passed it all did feel so stark,
to the small bird that felt the time’s slow pace.

The car was filled with joy as time went by,
but the forgotten bird felt the clock lie.


This poem is a sonnet.  It has two parts – the family going on vacation, and the bird that was forgotten in its covered cage behind.  The point of the poem was to contrast between the two. The family is having fun in the car and feels joy with the time and the anticipation.  The bird is alone in the dark, and feels time move slowly.  The idea of the poem is to show the negative affect of overlooking something.