Artwork to inspire poetry: Vine, Four mediums

Vine, Four mediums

The artwork above is of a vine with leaves, berries and flowers.  The artwork was made using four mediums: the main stem and the stems of the flowers and berries were made using a colored pencil, the leaves and their stems were made using a crayon, the red berries were made using a marker, and the orange flowers were made using paint (possibly acrylic).  There was also some slight digital alteration.

This artwork can inspire poetry directly by the image of the vine.  It can also inspire poetry by how it was made.  This artwork is a combination of four things made in four ways.  This idea could inspire a poet to write a poem that uses four as the basis of the form.  For example, a poet might write a poem with four stanzas each with a different meter or rhyming pattern.  Also, this idea might inspire a poet to combine different ideas that have some similarity in to one poem.  For example, a poet could write a poem about light and write about it in four ways: light as opposed to darkness, light in color, light in weight, light as in “light a match”.