Experimental Poetry Form: The Letter E

Lines: 5
Rhyming pattern: ABCBA
Length of lines: First and Fifth lines = 8 syllables, Third line = 6 syllables, Second and Fourth lines = 2 syllables

This experimental poetry form is based on the letter E.  The form is meant to resemble and reflect the letter.  The letter E has five parts: two long, one medium and two short, and so the form has five lines, with two long, one medium and two short.  The rhyming pattern also matches the parts.

Here is an example poem written in the form:

The little dog smiled with joy,
and glee,
as he did dart away,
and flee,
with the shoe he thought was a toy.


P.S.  As a reminder, see this past Monday’s post to suggest a poetry form for this blog.