Poetry topic idea: Gray sky

Last week on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there was an invitation for poetry form suggestions.  Unfortunately, none were suggested.  Because of this, today’s post, tomorrow’s and the next day’s will have poetry forms found by M. Sakran that have not been mentioned in tags on this blog.

Today’s post will have a poem written using the poetry form Triolet.

Today’s post is focused on a poetry topic idea.  The poetry topic idea is gray sky.

Having a gray sky, a sky that is overcast, but not dark enough for there to be rain, can be an interesting poetry idea.

A gray sky can generally set a scene.  It can bring a feeling of somberness or just generally create a mood.  Imagine someone walking down a street on a sunny day, and then imagine the same scene with a gray sky.  The sense can feel different.  This feeling can be used in a poem.

A gray sky can be used as a point of contrast.  A poem, for example, could contain both a bright and a gray scene, and use the sky to set the tone.

In some ways, a gray sky is a point of almost.  The sky almost has rain, but it does not.  Whether rain in the poem symbolizes something positive or negative, a gray sky implies that things aren’t quite there.  Whatever might happen, may happen soon or the gray sky might symbolize that it will not happen, but almost did.  Depending on the symbolic quality of rain in the poem, these could have different meanings.

Here is a triolet that uses the poetry topic idea gray sky:

The sky was filled with clouds of gray,
that hid the light that would have shown,
out in the world on the winter day,
the sky was filled with clouds of gray,
and as she stood with no words to say,
in front of the grave and alone,
the sky was filled with clouds of gray,
that hid the light that would have shown.