A photograph to inspire poetry: Canopy


This is a photograph looking up through trees.  This photograph is different than many that have been on this blog, in that it looks up to the sky, rather than down to the ground, or only a few feet off of the ground.

While the photograph itself can inspire poetry (a poet could, for example, write about trees, or the sky, or about someone stopping and looking up), inspiration can also be found from the idea that the photograph is different from many of the ones that have been on this blog.  The photographs (as well as artwork) that have been in posts on this blog can be seen here: photographs and artwork.

The idea that the photograph is different, could inspire a poet to try different things in a poem.  A poet might be inspired to use a different poetry form than they have used before, or use words in a poem that they normally don’t, or to write about something different than they normally write about.  These new forms of expression might lead to interesting poems.

Although the poem below, as previously mentioned, was intended to use a form that has not appeared on this blog before, the idea of using a new form does fit well with the inspiration of this photograph.  The poem below uses the Sapphic poetry form.

In addition to the previously unused poetry form, an additional different thing, as inspired by the different photograph, in this poem, is the subject matter of the poem.  The poem below is about woven baskets.  The idea of a woven basket was inspired by the way the branches look in the photograph.  Since, as can best be determined, the subject of woven baskets has not been used on this blog before, this adds to the idea of something different inspired by the photograph.

Woven Baskets

Wooden branches expertly woven tightly,
 into baskets crafted to look as if they,
 were like the top canopies from where wood fell,
are just right for this.