Poem Series Voting

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there have been three poem series.  The first was about space, the second was about weather, and the third was a series of rondeaux.  They all can be seen here: poem series (scroll down that page to see the poems).

Next week, Monday January 26th – Friday January 30th, there will be a new poem series on this blog.

The possible ideas include:


 Poems using the Tanka form




Starting today, and through the end of the day on January 23rd, 2015, readers can vote for which idea they would like the poem series to be about.  To vote, simply type one of the five ideas above into the box below:

For example, to see poems about Dogs, type Dogs in the box above.

Readers should only vote once (although there is no mechanism being used to restrict this) and should only vote for one of the five ideas above (other ideas won’t be counted).  No information other than the idea a reader wants to see the series about is needed to vote.

If there are no votes for the five items above, then one will be selected using a random method.  If there is a tie among winning ideas, the winning idea will be selected using a random method.

Please vote.