Poem Series Voting Result and First Poem

Unfortunately, no votes were cast for the subject for this week’s poem series.  In light of this, the subject was chosen using a random method, as mentioned in the first post to mention the voting.

The five possible subjects were: Dogs, Poems using the Tanka form, Eyes, Yesterday, and Cure.

To select the subject for the poem series, a deck of cards was used.  The deck was shuffled, and the first five cards were dealt out, one for each of the subjects.  The subjects were assigned the values of the cards.  The cards were:

7 of hearts – Dogs
Queen of diamonds – Poems using the Tanka form
Queen of clubs – Eyes
2 of hearts – Yesterday
Queen of clubs – Cure

Since there was a three way tie between Poems using the Tanka form, Eyes, and Cure (a Queen has a value of 12), the process was repeated for those three subjects.  The cards dealt were:

5 of clubs – Poems using the Tanka form
3 of diamonds – Eyes
Ace of diamonds – Cure

Counting an ace as a one, the selected subject for this week’s poem series was Poems using the Tanka form.  As mentioned before, these poems will use the Tanka form.  They will not be about poems using the Tanka form.

The first poem in the series is below:

Five trees in a row,
a bird flew above them all,
where would the bird land,
since three trees were the same height,
and one had to be chosen?