Poetry topic idea: Go

Today’s poetry topic idea is go.  Although not a dictionary definition, go can mean “to proceed”.  Go is interesting as a poetry topic idea for a number of reasons.

One reason, is that go can be negative, indifferent or positive depending on how it is used.  For example, if someone shouts, “Go away!”, go could be seen as negative.  If though, someone were giving directions, they might say “Go left on the second street.”  In this case go would be indifferent.  In a positive situation, someone might shout “Go!” at the start of a race.

Go is also interesting because it evokes the idea of movement.  Go is an action, and in some sense an immediate one.  This can make go interesting for poems that could use that sense.

Additionally, go is interesting as a poetry topic idea, because of the idea of a poem based on it.  Rather than a poem based upon, in some sense, the destination of go, a poem based on go itself would sound different.  A poem based on go, could be more about the movement, and less about where the movement leads.

Another reason go makes an interesting poetry topic idea, is because it is a very short word with only one syllable.  This makes go useful as a poetry topic idea for poems that are based on syllable count.  Since go only has one syllable it could possibly be fitted into a poem more easily than a longer syllable word.

Go is also an interesting poetry topic idea, because it rhymes with many words.  Go rhymes with at least: blow bow doe dough flow foe know low mow owe row sow toe woe.  These words are very different and could be used in a variety of poems with go.