A photograph to inspire poetry: Categorization


This photograph is of a plant with yellow flowers and orange flower buds.  This plant is considered a weed.  This categorization however, could be interpreted to imply a negative quality.  However, the plant, as seen in the photograph, looks very nice.  In some way, the categorization, does not fit the actual.

This idea, of categorization not fitting the actual, inspired by this photograph, could be used in poetry.  There are a variety of situations a poet could write about, where they could take something that is categorized in one way, but depict it in another.

For example, a poet might focus on the idea of strength.  A poet could take something that might be categorized as strong, such as a bulldozer, and write a poem where the bulldozer breaks down because of a tiny leak in a small tube.  In this way, the bulldozer, which is categorized as strong, would be depicted as weak (a tiny leak broke it) in the poem.

In the other way around, a poet might write about something that could be categorized as weak, such as clear plastic tape (which can be torn by hand), and depict it in a poem as strong.  One example might be, continuing from the first example with the poem about the bulldozer, to have the clear plastic tape be in the poem and be used to temporarily repair the leak.  In this way, the tape would be shown to be strong, in the sense that it was able to repair the large bulldozer.