Artwork to inspire poetry: Bouquet


On November 17, 2014, there was an Artwork to inspire poetry entitled Minimalistic Flower.  It consisted of a flower, drawn in a simple style.  This artwork is based off of that one, but moves in a different direction.  It is called Bouquet.

In some ways, this artwork is an example of minimalistic complexity.

It is minimalistic for a variety of reasons.  First, the gold and blue flowers are both simply drawn.  They are made using simple lines, with only two shades of green, one of blue and one of gold.  Second, although there are multiple flowers shown, there is only one gold flower design, and one blue flower design: there are different sizes of each though.  Third, there are only twelve gold flowers.  This number makes a traditional dozen.  The blue flowers fill in around the gold flowers.  Lastly, the artwork was very simply made by cutting and pasting the different sizes of flowers into one arrangement.

The artwork is complex, in that it appears to be quite busy.  There are numerous lines and overlapping colors.

The complexity that appears though, is somewhat of an illusion, since the artwork was made in a simple way because each component was made by itself.  Had the artwork been made as a whole, in other words, as one drawing, it would have been complex to make.

This artwork can inspire poetry through the idea of minimalistic complexity.  A poet, for example, could see this artwork (and read the description) and have the inspiration to write a poem that consisted of multiple simple parts.  For example, a poet could write a poem that consisted of ten couplets mixed with nine tercets.  They could either alternate, follow some other pattern, or for more complexity, be arranged randomly.  Each couplet and each tercet could be simple and in some way minimal, but combining them all together, might make for a poem that appears more complex.