Poetry topic idea: Lentils

The poetry topic idea for today is lentils.  Lentils are small seed like food items (they may actually be seeds) that are generally round and flat and are colored in brown or green or orange (and possibly other colors).  They are sometimes found in a dried state and are hard and resemble little stones when they are.  They can be cooked in soups or like rice would be cooked (and also could be cooked in presumably other ways as well).

One way lentils can used in poetry is to write a poem about a meal.  The meal could have lentils in it and there could be some background and other elements in the poem that relate to them.

Lentils could also be used in poetry by taking the intermediary step of using them in artwork first.  A poet could, for example, make a mosaic using a variety of colored lentils, and then write a poem about the picture that they made.

Another way that lentils could be used in poetry would be to use them in similes or as metaphors in a poem.  For example, a poet might write that something was “like lentils in color” or a poet might use lentils to represent something by, for example, using a group of them to stand for a group of something else.