Experimental Poetry Form: Fifteen one word lines

This poetry form is called fifteen one word lines.  As the name implies, the poem consists of only fifteen one word lines.  The poetry form has no other criteria such as rhyming or number of syllables.  The idea of the form is to see how fifteen words on single lines can express an idea.

Using the form, a poet may decide to take different approaches.  One approach, would be to write fifteen words related to something.  For example, if a poet wanted to write about water, they might use the words: clear, flowing, cool, blue, etc.  The words would be related, but would not flow in any kind of structure.

In another approach, rather than writing fifteen words related to something, a poet might decide to write the fifteen words using sentence structure.  The words could flow as one or more sentences.  For example, using water again, a poet might write a sentence that starts, “In the clear flowing water” and have each word on one line.  This would change how the words sound than if they were read as a single line.

Additionally, a poet might choose to write fifteen words that are opposite to what the poetry topic is.  For example, a poet might title their poem “water” but then have fifteen words such as heat, fire, red, etc. that aren’t normally associated with it.  This might create a response of questioning in the reader.

There are also other approaches that could be taken.  The form is flexible for different ideas.

A poet might also choose to incorporate other restrictions into the form such as syllable counts and rhyming that, although not part of the basic form, would add additional variation.