A photograph to inspire poetry: Citrus Blossoms?

Citrus Blossoms (Question Mark)

This is a photograph of what appear to be citrus blossoms.  The question is whether they are blossoms or not.  They do appear on a citrus plant.

Assuming these are citrus blossoms, they can inspire poetry in a variety of ways.

One way would be to focus on the idea of hope.  Citrus blossoms, may one day lead to citrus fruit, and so there is an amount of hope involved for someone who observes.  This idea of hope could be used in a poem.

Another idea would be to focus on senses.  These citrus blossoms have an appearance that is white, small, and almost looks like they are growing.  Assuming they become flowers, they would have a different appearance, but one that could also be described in a variety of ways.  The flowers would also have a scent.  Assuming the flowers become fruit, the fruit would have a citrus taste: something that is a combination of sweet and sour.  The fruit would also have a feel to it.  All of these senses could be combined in different ways into a poem.

Also, the citrus blossoms could just generally be used as a subject for a poem.