Poetry topic idea: Quiet

Today’s poetry topic idea is quiet.  The idea of silence.  The absence of sound.

Quiet, as a poetry topic idea, can be interesting for poetry.

A poet could write about things like calm, stillness and peacefulness.  A poet could describe a scene that has these qualities.  For example, a poet might write about a nature scene, or someone sitting in a quiet area in their home.  In this sense, quiet would be viewed as something positive.

Alternatively, a poet could write about quiet in a negative sense.  They might describe someone lonely or someone isolated in some way.  For example, they might write about a person sitting home alone during the evening, or someone trapped somewhere, like in a cave.  They could write about a variety of situations of someone experiencing quiet, when they would rather experience some type of sound.

A poet might also decide to write about the absence of quiet.  Quiet can be seen as the absence of sound and so this would be the lack of that situation.  A poet could write about someone in a noisy situation who wishes things were quieter.  For example, a poet might write a poem about someone in a house full of noisy people, who wishes they just had some calm and quiet.