A photograph to inspire poetry: Broccoli Flowers

Broccoli Flowers

The photograph above is of broccoli flowers.  Although, this photograph could inspire poetry in a number of ways, one interesting inspiration is from the idea of being outside of expectation.

Normally, broccoli is seen before the flowers form on the buds.  Seeing broccoli like in the photograph above is outside of expectation.  The broccoli is not appearing as it normally does.  This idea could be expanded and used in poetry.

Situations could be looked at, that are common, and then some aspect of them could be imagined to be outside of expectation.  For example, a poet might write about a person going somewhere, like a museum or the zoo, and as the person in the poem gets ready to pay, they are told it is free.

The idea, generally, would be to write about a common situation, where something, outside what is expected, yet still realistic, occurs.