Poem with an explanation: Please heed the request

Please heed the request,
to have a voice,
to pick a choice,
to see something.

Please heed the request,
to just pick one,
to then be done,
to express opinion.

Please heed the request,
to not just snooze,
to read and choose,
to show thought.


The above poem is about the voting this week for next week’s poem series topic.  The poem is not just a poem, it is a request to vote.  Please vote.  Voting is simple.  Simply click the choice in the area below and then click submit.

As an additional explanation of the poem, the poem above has three stanzas.  Each stanza has the same form.  Each first line is “Please heed the request”.  The subsequent three lines of each stanza starts with “to”.  The middle two lines of each stanza each have four words and in each stanza, those two lines rhyme.  The last line of each stanza is three words long.

Again, please vote.