Poem with an explanation: Disappearing

A field of snow,
bright with light,
with crows landing,
upon it.

A flash of light,
and quiet:

 a field of black,
 that glows.

The ocean comes,
and sand flows away,
and castles disappear.


This poem is one that uses metaphor and symbolism.  The actual idea of the poem, is that someone is sitting at a computer and working on some type of document, when the power goes out, and they lose their work.  The poem takes something simple, and tries to make it sound more profound.

The first stanza, describes the computer screen with words on it.  The field of snow bright with light is the screen with the white background.  The crows are the black text.

The second stanza is literal and metaphorical.  The flash of light and thunder, are literal, because the power outage in the poem, was caused by a storm.  They are also metaphorical, because in addition to describing the storm outside, they describe the flash on the computer screen and the electrical noise the computer makes as it suddenly shuts off.  The computer being off is described by the quiet.

The third stanza is vague in the poem, and has a contrasting image of a field of black and glowing.  The literal idea is that it is the computer screen being black but there is electrical energy at least apparent in it.  It seems to the one watching to either be residual from when it was on, or from static.

The last stanza goes to a new metaphor.  The ocean coming describes a force.  In this case, it is what caused the power outage.  The sand flowing away is a metaphor for the time spent working being lost, because the work is lost.  The castles disappearing, uses the metaphor of sand castles on a beach being taken away by the ocean, to further describe the work being taken away by the power outage.