Artwork to inspire poetry: Fruit and flower on a stem

Fruit and flower on a stem

Please see the post entitled: Artwork to inspire poetry: Grapevine.  This post is inspired by that one.

This artwork, derives its colors from the photograph from the post A photograph to inspire poetry: Butterfly.  The artwork is of a fruit and flower on a stem.  The orange hue, comes from the butterfly, the pinkish color comes from a wild strawberry, the white, comes from a clover flower, and the green from a blade of grass in the photograph (the blue background was chosen to provide contrast for the white from the flower, but could be assumed to represent the unseen blue sky in the photograph).

This artwork is related to the photograph, in that a butterfly pollinates flowers, which sometimes makes fruit (this relationship is in addition to the one of the artwork using the colors from the photograph).  Generally also, the photograph is of a spring scene, and so is this artwork.

This artwork could be used to inspire poetry in a number of ways.  A poet could be inspired to write about someone picking fruit from a tree or the smell of fruit flowers.  A poet might write about a garden, or they could write about an artist painting a picture of fruit on a tree.  A poet could see this artwork, and be inspired in a different direction, and write about pesticide.  A poet might take a broader view, and see the orange hue in the photograph, and think about someone from their past who used to wear a shirt or a dress in that color, and write a poem about them.  This artwork could be used in poetry in a number of different ways.