Experimental Poetry Form: Filter

This experimental poetry form is called filter.  It has one stanza with eight lines.  The first line has eight words, the second seven, the third six, and the decrease continues, until the last line has only one word.

The first line sets the pieces of the poem.  It has eight words only.

The second line has seven words only.  Those seven words, must be seven of the words from the first line.  The second line, has all the words from the first line, except for one.

The third line has six words only.  Those six words, must be six of the words from the second line.  The third line, has all of the words from the second line, except for one.

This continues with the remaining lines.

The poetry form is called filter, because one word is filtered from the poem with each line.

Two important aspects of the poetry from, are that the lines generally flow together, and all the lines generally make sense.  This makes the form more difficult, but may improve the outcome.

As a note, the order of the words in each line, can be different from the previous or any previous lines.  The form loose one word with each line, but each line can have a variable order for the words that remain.