Curiosity: Experimental Poetry Forms

To date, on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there have been thirty two experimental poetry forms (thirty that were by themselves, and two that were parts of post series).  All of the experimental poetry forms can be seen here: Experimental Poetry Forms.  There is also a list with links at the end of this post.

The idea behind the forms is for poets to experiment with different poetry structures, to see how those structures influence the poems they write, and for poets to discover structures that lend themselves to certain types of poetic expression.  It is hoped that this has been accomplished.

M. Sakran, out of curiosity, would be interested to know if any poets have used the experimental poetry forms shown on this blog.

If there are any poets who have used any of the experimental poetry forms on this blog, and have posted those poems online, and would like M. Sakran to read the written poems, please fill out the form below.

This includes poets, who may select a form today, and use it today in a poem.

Include the following information:

The name of blog or website where the poem can be found

Title of post and/or poem

The date of the post or poem

The experimental poetry form used (there is a list below)

If the information is provided, M. Sakran may read the poems.

Here is a list of all the experimental poetry forms that have been on this blog, and links to the posts with them:


Five sets of two

A list

Seven lines, random syllable counts, and a rhyming pattern

One line, fifteen or less words

Fifteen one word lines


Stanzas, syllables and repeats

Rhyming and Indention

Electrical Outlet

The Letter E

One hundred feet

Two Stanzas


Alphabetical order rhyme

Free verse and one word rhymes


8-4-6 ordering

Starting Rhyme

Random Rhyming

Brewed Tea



Simple Rhyming Pattern

Sprinkled salt



Five Couplets


Lines with internal rhymes

Flows and Stops