Artwork to inspire poetry: Letter M face in stages

Letter M face in stages

This artwork is composed of three stages.  The first stage, on the left, is the letter M drawn in cursive.  The second stage, in the middle, are components of the letter separated.  The third stage, on the right, are those components rearranged into a face.

This artwork can inspire poetry in a number of ways.  One idea would be to see the idea of breaking something down and rearranging it, that is shown in the artwork, and apply that idea to a poem.  For example, a poet might choose a word, and then use anagrams of that word in a poem.

Another idea would be to utilize personification in a poem.  This artwork takes a letter, and shows it as a face.  A poet might apply the same idea in a poem, and maybe have a poem about the face on something like a car, with the headlights as eyes and the grill as the mouth.

Another idea inspired by this artwork, might be for a poet to write a poem made of individual stanzas or lines, and then rearrange those stanzas or lines to make a new poem.