Poetry topic idea: fiction

The poetry topic idea for today’s post is fiction.

Using this idea, a poet could write a poem about something fictional.  While many poems may be about actual events in a poet’s life, a poet could write a poem about something fictional to illustrate an idea.

For example, a poet may never have been to another country, but may like the idea of expressing the feelings that may come the first time a person does so.  A poet could write a fictional poem about that topic to express those ideas.

Additionally, rather than writing a fictional poem, a poet might choose to write a poem about fiction.  Fiction has many aspects – story, plot, characters, relation to reality, imagination, etc. – and a poet could write about these elements in a poem.

Here is an example that uses both ideas – it is a fictional poem about fiction:

In the afternoon,
she sat at the table,
writing a story,
about the woman,
who lost her cat.

In the morning,
she sat at the table,
writing poster signs,
about her dog,
that was missing.